Specializing in all aspects of litigation

The two main areas of law in which one can litigate in South Africa are civil law and criminal law. At Mc Naught and Company Incorporated, we have practitioners who specialize in all aspects of civil law litigation and arbitration.

From uncomplicated collections matters which can be handled in the Magistrates’ Courts or Regional Courts to high value collections, interdicts, intellectual property and specialist commercial litigation in the High Courts, our practitioners have spent many years honing their skills and have amassed an array of notable successes under their belts.

It is not only litigation within South Africa that we have amassed such success, but in cross border matters as well not only within Southern Africa, but also in United Kingdom, New Zealand, Nigeria and Russia.

Litigious matters need not only be resolved through the court systems and mediation and arbitration are forms of alternate dispute resolution which often yield great success. Our practitioners have all had training in these fields and apply a concerted effort towards expeditious and cost-effective resolution to all disputes.