Welcome to our World of Business

Mc Naught and Company have been in practice for over 30 years, and this is meaningful, says partner Dave. In order to offer an exceptional service to businesses one needs to know how to run one successfully and we have over 30 years of business experience to offer those just starting up, or the corporate business client where astute business acumen and experience is what separates the men from the boys.

From corporate mergers and take-overs, to company registrations, sale of business agreements and leases, Mc Naught and Company can advise you and prepare your business legal agreements.

We also run seminars on all aspects of legislation affecting the business community, including the Consumer Protection Act and National Credit Act.

We can assist with corporate mergers & take-overs
We can assist with company registrations, sale of business agreements and leases
A handshake seals the deal

Mc Naught and Company have grown up as a small legal practice where personal service and a handshake are still meaningful.

We are not na├»ve to believe that this suffices in today’s business world and we back up our service with strong legal documents and agreements.

“Mumbo jumbo” has always been avoided and our legal contracts are in clear English or Afrikaans, say concisely what they mean without ambiguity, and are enforceable. We take pride in this.