Both Mark and Dave were simultaneously admitted to practice as Notaries Public on the 11th October 2010 in the High Court of South Africa, although Mc Naught and Company have been preparing Notarial documents since the firm was founded in 1984. The additional qualification enables both partners to formally sign and execute Notarial documents personally instead of requesting a Notary Public to sign off the deeds. Mark achieved the highest mark in KwaZulu-Natal in the admission examination.

The 4 main types of Notarial Deeds we prepare are Antenuptial Marriage Contracts (ANC contracts), Cessions of Real Rights (property-related), creation of Servitudes and Notarial leases of land, and the authentication of documents for use in a foreign country.

Mc Naught and Company can advise you and prepare all kinds of land servitudes for sub-divisions and consolidations of land and register these in any Deeds Registry in South Africa.

Notary Public Services
Seal of Office

Dave’s inspiration for his official notarial seal of office, comes from the Chinese Dragon and the seal incorporates the sketch of a dragon’s head hand-drawn by a friend of his. Mark’s seal favours our Springbok national emblem.

Dave's Notary Public Seal
Mark's Notary Public Seal
Notarial ServicesDave executes his first Notarial Deed
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