Property developments more cumbersome? - New property developmentNew property development is the lifeblood of the housing market

With changes to sectional title property legislation, the way in which property development is finalised has changed. Does the changing legislative framework make it more difficult for developers to do what they do best, namely build and transfer houses?

The requirement for sectional title scheme rules to be approved by the Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS), additional affidavits being required for lodgement of extension and opening of new schemes in the deeds office and longer approval times on rates clearance certificates have all impacted on the efficiency of opening new sectional title property developments.

A conveyancer with decades of experience in property development is a “must have” for every developer. Only experience and dedication enables a conveyancer to still finalise new developments in the quick time every property developer needs.

Recent property developments which have been handled by Mc Naught and Company include some from the “Alleyroads” group, such located in Amanzimtoti, Chatsworth, The Bluff, Northgate and various other locations.

What has changed?

The Sectional Titles Act, Sectional Title Schemes Management Act, Community Schemes Ombud Service Act and all the regulations to these acts are just some of the things which property developers require guidance on. Mc Naught and Company are specialist conveyancers and notaries public and our practice has spent 35 years becoming among the best there is.